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CERISE (Comité d’Echanges de Réflexion et d’Information sur les Systèmes d’Epargne-crédit), is a knowledge exchange network for microfinance practitioners. Founded in 1998, CERISE is richly diverse, bringing together a variety of practitioners, researchers, donors and investors from the North and South. CERISE was founded out of the desire of its five members to share and learn from each other. Our work is focused on four themes:

1) Impact and Social Performance
2) Agricultural and Rural Finance
3) Governance and Social Viability
4) Intervention Methods

In each of these areas, we have reflected on the experiences of our members to draw lessons and, in some cases, develop operational tools. This process of capitalizing on each other’s experiences has created alliances and synergies throughout the microfinance sector. Coordinating this network of alliances has become a key element of our work.

CERISE and its partners created the SPI tool, which is now available in its 4th version. You can download the SPI4 tool :

Our site aims to provide methodological support to microfinance practitioners and researchers. For more information on microfinance, go to

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-European microfinance and social performance: Where do we stand ?
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-SPI4 Press release
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-European microfinance and social performance: Where do we stand ?
-The Decision Tree-Orienting network in their SP strategy